It's been so long since I've been on my blogger that I almost forgot how to sign in!
I have had so much happen since my last post!  My new website is up and running, I've taken on new clients, traveled to Jamaica to teach art to a very special Primary School and gone to Accra, Ghana to reconnect to my roots. My father and I did a TEDx talk, and were interviewed or a TV show.  We've been speakers at local LA story telling events and just this past Wednesday, the 23rd of January I graced the iconic stage in LA's Leimert Park-The World Stage! I've also begun a new journey with my writing and I want you all to come along. I've decided to transfer my blog to my website for seamless connection and I want you go subscribe and join me! 

You can find my new blog HERE.
I hope you enjoy the new space and access to my website!  Thank you for being a subscriber!

I see you-Praise Song for the Anonymous Brothers.

When your father is Peter J. Harris and his book Black Man of Happiness has a Praise Song for the Anonymous Brothers in the middle of it.... The world is ignoring the existence of our black men. Is murdering our black men. The world is working to make the black man "Anonymous" and non-existent.... WELL I SEE YOU! WE SEE YOU! MY POPS SEE'S YOU! Praise you black man! Praise you! This was performed at my father's birthday fun(d)raiser on 4-26-17 #jordanedwards


Photo Credit: SerBaffo 3rdEye Photography

Thank you to everyone who has consistently visited my blog! I've been working so diligently on the next phases of not just my life but my business!  I can now finally say that my new website is LIVE and up!  Please take a moment and go check it out.  I will begin to video blog again along with sharing my writing but I wanted to first announce here on my blog that....

is LIVE!!

Pops'nAde Join the #LoveWITHAccountability Forum

We are so excited to announce and--invite you to view--our powerful, life-affirming video contribution to an international online forum exploring child sexual abuse survival, healing, justice, love, and accountability. 
The Forum is published by The Feminist Wire, and is edited/presented by Associate Editor Aishah Shahidah Simmons, creator of#LoveWITHAccountability(2016-2018 Just Beginnings Collaborative Fellow), and Producer, Writer, Director of NO! The Rape Documentary. Our video, directed by Danyol Jaye, is introduced by a short summary of our journey called "PopsnAde: a Courageous Daughter & Her NonAbusive Father on Loving Lessons, Living Legacies (L)earned after Sexual Violence."  This is a serious subject, but we're pleased that in our contribution to the forum we can celebrate the most exhilarating lesson we've learned through our tears, candor and imagination: no silence is good that keeps us from talking to people who can help us! With Gratitude,

WHUR The Sighlent Storm Radio Interview PopsnAde Part 1

Remember when Pops and I were on the Radio in DC...Well here is Part 1 of the pre-recorded radio show.  Part 2 and 3 will be posted this week!  Enjoy and thank you!

Introducing Pops'nAde

I'm so proud of this!!  This is the beginning!  With support from friends and family my father and I have begun a journey that expresses the work it takes to heal!  Thank you to everyone who has walked with us! :)

AS ONE Volunteer Opportunity!

Donate HERE!!
Hey everyone! I am a brand new volunteer with a great LA based charity that does work in underserved communities. The charity's name is AS ONE and this October they are returning to Ulster Springs Elementary School in Trelawny, Jamaica for their We Are One Jamaica program! 

Guess what???!! I'm fundraising to get there! In Jamaica we will focus on in class tutoring and teacher support. As a volunteer I'll be teaching one of the after school workshops with the children in areas of creative and performance arts, computer technology, as well as, physical wellness. 

Because AS ONE's charity work is also about community, a number of the workshops are also being offered to the adults of Trelawny. I am looking forward to helping the adults and children learn about computers, health and wellness, and art. I most likely will not be focusing on computer technology....Yall know I couldn't even figure out InstaGram stories :) 

AS ONE also has an Agriculture & Nutr…